Crown Salon 2019

Beauty Solaire in Surrey, has been a Guinot Crown Salon since 2014 and recently achieved the Guinot Crown Salon 2019 award. This title from Guinot places Beauty Solaire in the top ten percent of Guinot’s best salons in the UK and Ireland.


Karen Don, owner of Beauty Solaire said, “This award is a great milestone for Beauty Solaire. Becoming a Crown Salon has always been a goal of ours, so to have achieved this means a great deal to us. It reflects the hard work and professionalism of our team and demonstrates our commitment to Guinot.”

Attaining Guinot Crown Salon status is recognition of excellence in the field of professional skincare. This coveted award is in its 16th year. This year 109 salons were chosen from Guinot’s portfolio of 1,200 salons. By visiting a Guinot Crown Salon, clients can be confident that they are choosing one of the country’s best salons with flawless principles in environment, customer care and treatment expertise. A Crown Salon promotes Guinot in a prime location and offers all Guinot face and manual body treatments, as well as a full representation of retail products for the face and body. Crown Salon status is awarded exclusively to salons that are able to fulfil this strict criteria.



Guinot Products



 Your best skin… Smooth, clear, radiant and youthful… Revolutionary salon treatments and after-care products formulated with the best in skincare innovation to enhance and maintain treatment results at home.

Unique skincare solutions… With thousands of skincare combinations, our highly experienced therapists will analyse your complexion and discuss with you your skincare concerns and goals to determine the best prescription. Your trusted Beauty Doctor will continue to evolve your prescription with ever-changing needs and seasons.

Delivering results… The Guinot laboratories pioneer some of the latest research and medical breakthroughs in the world of skincare. Our pure, active ingredients are combined with world-renowned plants extracts and cutting-edge technology for outstanding formulations. At the heart of the brand sits the Hydraderm Cellular Energy machine. By applying a gentle combination of dual ionisation and thermal currents these ingredients are permeated deeper into the skin for undisputable results.

Treatments first… Over 50 years ago, Guinot introduced to the world the first machine-based facial using galvanic and high frequency technology. Guinot’s laboratories are one of the few cosmetics-manufacturing establishments in the world to have been certified to the highest quality standard by the international certification group Bureau Veritas, ISO 22 716. By leading the way in treatment innovation and establishing a pharmaceutical heritage heritage, Guinot is continually committed to developing treatment and product formulas.

Slimming & TechniSPA

Aromatic Body Contouring Treatment (Minceur)

Slimming treatment

Guinot MinceurAn holistic body contouring treatment to improve firmness and detoxify. The treatment commences with a full body exfoliation followed by a specialised anti-cellulite massage with essential oils to target areas prone to cellulite. To optimise their effect a refining Saunamasque is applied to drain excess water, firm and contour; the treatment is concluded with an application of specific care products. The figure appears slimmer and contoured whilst the skin is smoother and the appearance of cellulite is reduced.

Timing and suggested frequency
  • 1 hour
  • Course of 3 to 12 (3 per week)

TechniSPA Body Treatments

Scientifically proven treatment works through the skin to mobilise underlying tissues and muscles to cause a positive change therein. Using a combination of massage, lymphatic drainage, ionisation and stimulation, this effective machine based body treatment biologically dissolves fat, minimises the appearance of cellulite and drains toxins.

TechniSPA is especially effective post-pregnancy or in combination with a weight loss or fitness programme. For the very best results, we recommend combining a healthy lifestyle and effective home care, along with Beauty Solaire salon treatments.

Three versions of the TechniSPA treatment using different technology for targeted results

Double Slimming Treatment

Better and faster slimming

Guinot techniSPAThis advanced-technological treatment is a true solution for contouring and enables fast slimming. The sculptor, a patented massaging device, combines three simultaneous contouring actions that increase anti-cellulite effectiveness. A full body exfoliation is followed by a bespoke body massage using the sculptor and application of suitable care products.  From the first sessions the results are instantaneous; the orange-peel effect is smoothed, skin appears lifted, and the body is firmer and more toned.

Timing and suggested frequency
  • 1 Hour
  • Course of 12 (3 per week)

Firming Lift Treatment

High-tech lifting for the body

Guinot techniSPAFirmer skin for a toned figure, get back your more youthful shape with this toning, firming treatment. A full body exfoliation is followed by a muscle workout, using specialised rollers to work the muscles to burn fat and firm and redefine the silhouette. The treatment is concluded with an application of firming care products. It reinforces supporting fibres, as well as tightening and smoothing the tissue. The silhouette is resculpted and the skin is firmer.

Timing and suggested frequency
  • 1 Hour
  • Course of 3 to 12 (3 per week)

Soothing Leg Treatment

For light and relaxed legs

Guinot techniSPASpecially designed to alleviate the feeling of heavy legs, this treatment physically decongests, soothes and refreshes.  The legs are thoroughly exfoliated then massaged with the sculptor, which uses 3 simultaneous actions to aid penetration of active ingredients, aid drainage and firm the tissues. A decongesting cooling leg gel is applied to complete the treatment.  Legs are trimmer, relaxed and light.

Timing and suggested frequency
  • 30 minutes
  • Course of 3 to 12 (3 per week)

Guinot Facials

Hydra Peel

Guinot’s HYDRA PEEL treatments exfoliate, resurface, moisturize and renew the skin. Hydra Peeling with Hydra PH uses Phytic Acid while Hydra Peel with Hydrabrasion uses natural cellulose particles and papaya extracts. Hydra Peeling offers two versions of the peeling component, the first with Acid PH for all skin types; the second, gentler, for sensitive skin with manual Hydrabrasion.

Both versions are completed with a skin regenerating cream and massage phase and then with a soothing, beauty-enhancing mask. In just 60 minutes the skin will feel splendid, beautiful and re-energized. Both treatments minimize brown spots, smooth out the texture of the skin, increase radiance, minimize signs of aging and deeply moisturize the skin. The best suited Hydra Peel treatment is determined on the client’s beauty goal and level of sensitivity. The skin will look brighter, feel cleaner, fresher and younger regaining its luminosity.


Age Summum

The “Anti-Ageing” Treatment
The pinnacle of anti-ageing treatments, Age Summum is enriched with highly concentrated Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Pro-Collagen to firm facial tissue combat skin slackening. Active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin using the exclusive Age Summum anti-ageing facial massage. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed and a youthful radiance.


Lift Summum

The Firming, Lifting Treatment
An exclusive global firming treatment that immediately reduces signs of fatigue and ageing, focusing on the face, neck and décolleté. The unique stimulating massage visibly lifts and firms while the active ingredients Collagen XVIII helps improve elasticity. The Anti-Wrinkle Eraser diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, whilst the unique specific face and décolleté masks restore a youthful appearance.



Deep cleansing treatment

Fem HydracleanA 30-minute treatment combines deep cleansing and a relaxing massage or mask, leaving the skin clear and radiant. The Hydraclean treatment is designed to cleanse the face paying particular attention to the T-zone, with immediate results it benefits from being the only treatment method of its kind in the world. After preparing the skin the Thermoclean heating electrode diffuses gentle heat that rids the skin of toxins and excess sebum. The treatment is concluded with a massage or mask then application of care products.




The Anti-Pollution Treatment
An exclusive treatment ideal for city living or suffocated skin that harnesses the power of nature to detoxify and oxygenate. Pro-Oxygen stimulates cellular respiration followed by the Pro-Oxygen Mask made of natural green clay absorbing toxins on the skin’s surface. This anti-pollution treatment is ideal for those with dull or lifeless skin and incorporates a Serenity Massage to promote lymphatic drainage leaving skin fresh and perfectly clear.

Guinot Hydradermie²


The star treatment

Guinot Facials

Hydradermie2 is an exclusive treatment that will make your skin youthful and radiant, from the very first treatment. Following thorough skin preparation, this complete treatment uses Double Ionisation to enable fast and deep penetration of active ingredients, an oxygenation phase follows to relax, purify and brighten, the treatment concludes with a relaxing massage, mask and application of care products. Customised to each skin type depending on your beauty goals, your face will appear rested and luminous with a subtle glow having been deeply cleansed, hydrated and rejuvenated.

Timing and suggested frequency
  • 1 hour 10 minutes
  • Every month
  • Once per week for oily, pigmented or severely dehydrated skins       

Hydradermie2 Age Logic

The anti-ageing star treatment

Guinot Facials

A specially designed deluxe anti-aging Hydradermie2 with added toning and firming serums to revitalise the skin. The treatment focuses on eyes, face, neck and décolleté to regenerate, smooth and give radiance.

Timing and suggested frequency
  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Every month

Hydradermie2 Lift

The ‘immediate lift’ treatment

Fem Hydra LiftA non surgical lifting treatment to give facial muscles a workout, restoring volume and tone. The treatment includes lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins and give a brighter, fresher complexion whilst the stimulation phase smoothes facial features deep down through muscular exercise. The spectacular “lift effect” facial is completed with sculpting massage, firming mask and care products. From the very first session skin is amazingly smoother, firmer, contoured and wrinkles appear reduced.

Timing and suggested frequency
  • 1 hour

Hydradermie2 Lift Express

High-tech lifting treatment

Fem Hydra LiftAn express version of the Hydradermie² Lift treatment, ideal for the client who has little time. Focusing on the results driven portion of the treatment, it consists of cleanse, exfoliation, drainage, stimulation and application of care products.      



Timing and suggested frequency                                       
  • Course of 8 (3 per week)                


Hydradermie & Lift

The ‘ultimate lift’ treatment

Fond HydraThe ultimate anti-ageing facial combining Hydradermie² Age Logic and Hydradermie² Lift Express.

Timing and suggested frequency
  • 1 hour 45 minutes
  • Every month



Guinot Tanning


St Tropez Tanning

Our spray tan of choice is St Tropez, the iconic tanning brand of our age. It is the quickest way to tan, a flawless finish can be delivered in around 15 minutes. We have 3 different types of tan Classic, Express and Dark.

StTropex Booth

Before Treatment Advice

  • Skin should be free from self tan, moisturiser, perfume, deodorant and aromatherapy oils.
  • Waxing or shaving should be completed at least 24hrs prior to the treatment.
  • The evening or morning before your treatment, exfoliate your entire body with St Tropez Body Polish. Pay special attention to and dry areas such as hands, elbows, knees and feet.
  • Wear dark loose fitting clothing with dark underwear. The colour guide may stain light man-made fibres and wool. (flip-flops or sandals also advisable)
  • We recommend you have a patch test prior to treatment.

After Tanning

  • Advice on how to maintain your tan will be given to you by your therapist during your appointment time.

Tanning Options

  • Legs only                                                                      A.-St.Tropez-Caucasian-Lead-Image
  • Full body

Timing and suggested frequency

  • 15 to 20 minutes
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