Jessica Manicures

Jessica_nail_filedJessica is a pioneer in the professional nail care industry as she was the first to recognize that like skin and hair, all nails are not alike.  It works on 4 different nail types – damaged, dry, brittle or normal and creates specific treatments for each type. Jessica’s unique nail care philosophy is behind each and every product of her extensive Jessica Cosmetics line that offers products specifically targeted to treat each different nail type.

Jessica Regular Manicure

This treatment is one of the most popular. A thorough prescription manicure tailored to your nail type. The therapist will start by applying an oil to the cuticles followed by a luxurious hand massage. Nails will then be soaked , nails filed or cut, cuticles pushed back and trimmed if necessary to give a neater appearance. Finished with a colour of your choice and nail advice.

  • Jessica regular manicure  
  • Jessica deluxe manicure
  • Shape and re-varnish
  • Paraffin

Treat the Hands

The ultimate pamper for hands. The hands are softened and soaked in a blend of  mango, ginger.  A blissful massage and nourishing mask conclude the treatment leaving a visible difference.



Shellac up to 14 days flawless wear, superior color and mirror shine with zero dry-time and no nail damage. Available in many trend-setting shades. Shellac is a true innovation of chip-free, extended-wear nail colour. 

  • Manicure
  • Removal
  • Removal and condition
Timing and suggested frequency
  • 30 minutes to 1 hour
  • Every 2 weeks
General information for manicures
  • Please try and leave some time so the varnish can dry.
  • In the interest of hygiene all nail files are disposable.