Guinot Tanning


St Tropez Tanning

Our spray tan of choice is St Tropez, the iconic tanning brand of our age. It is the quickest way to tan, a flawless finish can be delivered in around 15 minutes. We have 3 different types of tan Classic, Express and Dark.

StTropex Booth

Before Treatment Advice

  • Skin should be free from self tan, moisturiser, perfume, deodorant and aromatherapy oils.
  • Waxing or shaving should be completed at least 24hrs prior to the treatment.
  • The evening or morning before your treatment, exfoliate your entire body with St Tropez Body Polish. Pay special attention to and dry areas such as hands, elbows, knees and feet.
  • Wear dark loose fitting clothing with dark underwear. The colour guide may stain light man-made fibres and wool. (flip-flops or sandals also advisable)
  • We recommend you have a patch test prior to treatment.

After Tanning

  • Advice on how to maintain your tan will be given to you by your therapist during your appointment time.

Tanning Options

  • Legs only                                                                      A.-St.Tropez-Caucasian-Lead-Image
  • Full body

Timing and suggested frequency

  • 15 to 20 minutes