Exfoliation & Cleansing

Aromatic Body Softening (Douceur)

Gentle, relaxing treatment

Guinot DouceurA treatment to relax the mind and body, whilst softening and re-energizing the skin. The skin is treated to a complete body exfoliation with a smoothing sugar-kiwi scrub followed by a relaxing massage with energising essential oils to ease tension and provide you with a feeling of well being and serenity. As a result you will be relaxed and your skin will be marvellously soft.


Sugar Kiwi Body Polish

Guinot ScrubA complete zingy body exfoliation treatment to help eliminate dry, flaky skin and refine the skin’s texture. A complete and effective body exfoliation with a smoothing sugar-kiwi scrub is followed by the application of a nourishing body moisturiser, leaving the skin feeling hydrated and soft.



Timing and suggested frequency
  • 45 minutes                    



Back Cleanse

Cleansing, steaming, exfoliation and mask therapy is designed to detoxify the whole of the back, rejuvenate and refine the skin.

  • 45 minutes



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